Chef the Pug..


What do you call this?

To some its just a dog, for some its just a pug..

For me its love, its family, I cannot call him just a dog anymore.

He has habits, he has a character, he has his own taste in food, priorities in life..

Given as a gift from the beloved ones he not only made me get over my fear of dogs, he got me through a lot in life. (sounds dramatic, thank god I didnt go thorugh that much lol)

I also identified the habits of dog owners, they are quite talkative, love sharing information about their pets, and are constantly seeking for playmates for their little ones. Mostly active people with a smile on their face. Then I realized owning a dog is a lifestyle that effects you only in positive manner.

If you have any doubts in getting a pet hope this little teaser of my experience with my little love, will encourage you adopt one…

go for it! there are so many puppies looking for a safe home…

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