Rise & Shine..


Doesn’t it feel good to wake up early in morning. 06am, 07am,08am? It gives you a sense of owning full control of your day!

What do you do when you wake up first thing in the morning?

Me, I hit the gym. On that treadmill I think of my whole day, I plan it organize it shape it the way I want it.. Coming home taking a quick shower after all fresh and have a turkish coffee. Plan what I will be cooking for lunch and dinner..

For me food is not a mean of filling up my stomach to help my body get through the day. It is an experience, I never eat just to eat! Treat your every corse as a festive, but little mint on your brown bread with Philadelphia cream cheese, grind little black pepper on it. Boom there you go a taste that not only appeals to your mouth but also your eyes.

Then 10 min of meditation. Just concentrating on my breath.. It eases my mind relaxes me, makes me feel good about my self. While you are seated in comfortable position try adding a smile to it 🙂 See the change, experience it.

Have a great day..

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