10 different ways to H2O..

Every one of us should consume at least 1.5 to 2 liters of H2O a day for healthy skin, hair, body, mind etc. After all 60% of our bodies are constituted of water. However I realized there are more people like me out there who don’t really like the taste of water. Instead consume their liquid intake through juices, sparkling water, green teas, coconut water etc. These watery alternatives are good, but still excuses not to drink water straight. I tried pressuring myself to drink water but lost that battle, so I created 10 different ways to drink water which I am sure you will enjoy some as well.

Cucumber, ginger, lemon, lime, lemongrass, leaf mint, cinnamon stick, clove, orange and green apple.

Slice or peel them, even combine couple of them and just drop them in your glass of water. Soak those vitamins and great aromas off them.

Personal favorite is the lemongrass, enjoy your glass of water..

indir (4)lemon-slice-stack-2-a-john-brueske Cucumber on Whitelime indir images (1) indir (2) indir (3) 19257942-isolated-green-apple-slices-with-water-drops-white-background--fresh-diet-fruit-healthy-fruit-with-v

 gallery lemongrass


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