Whoever thinks food shopping is an experience and is very passionate about it, they must walk in one of the Fauchon stores.

A gourmet food shopping with their own product line of  delicatessen, sandwiches, pastry, breads, macarons, teas, olive oils, mustards, confectionery etc. Fauchon has become a cult in its own industry. My favorites are definitely their teas and biscuits. After a hard decision-making process on your gourmet shopping, complete your experience with their sandwiches. An amazing sandwich with great food decoration wrapped in a unique packaging makes you feel just good and happy. Great food and creative decoration always inspires me.

Prepared with the finest quality ingredients Fauchon has many must-have items for every foodies’ home.  Not only for your home Fauchon products are also a great gift for the friends and the loved ones who appreciate the amuse-bouche. Eating is not just a habit to satisfy your humanly urges anymore it has become a state-of-art experience and Fauchon provides this experience to the ultimate.

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