Le Dauphin Restaurant, Paris..

Neo Bistro restaurant /Wine & Bar Le Dauphin Paris is the youngest member of the amazing Le Chateaubriand family. Very simple cheek decoration composed of white marble, thick wood and glass which gives the interior a little bit of industrial designed atmosphere. Packed with fine foodies of Paris and tourists who has done their research well prior to their arrival. Great selection of wine menu Le Dauphin has tried every experimental aspect of tapas cuisine. Their menus are literally printed to A4 regular quality paper which gets updated often. Very good staff that has probably been present during the compositions of the menu as they explain everything with great detail. The portions are very small, which is done intentionally in order to make you try as much., which we did. The food decoration is quite unique. Every tapas served has a unique to touch to it. My favorite was the black ink risotto and the lemon tart. Their lemon tart is a signature dish and because of this it is among the food that doesn’t get updated with every new menu.Price wise it is quite standard for fine dining.

Definitely recommend it!  Bon appétit..


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