Brush it, wash it, moisturize it..

One of the biggest investments you can do for yourself when reaching your late 20s-early 30s is your skin.  Brush it, wash it, moisturize it, is the go to routine for a healthy skin. In other words the external support you can give to your skin. Brush it:  Everyday on your dry skin apply body brush to remove the dead skin, reduce cellulite and to start your metabolism if you prefer to do it in the morning. Hear your tummy growling as you do circular motions on your belly area.  During showers, scrubs are a great idea once or twice a week on your body. For your hands and feet it could be even more frequent. Every other week face brush can also be applied depending on the skin type. Wash it: Keep it fresh with minty products and try to go for alcohol free body washes. For face make sure to have a daily cleaning product and do masks once a week to clear out the clocked pores. Moisturize it: Try to use paraben free products. General recommendation is on the usage of water based products.  A tip for the face, remind yourself to moisturize your neck too. My version:

       download   kiehl's   LUSH DIRTY bioderma-sensibio-micelle-h20-solutionpBBW1-9453741v275toleriene2

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