Georges abstraction surface air..

Pompidou is one of the favorite exhibition areas in the world for most of the respected artists.  Even though I am not among them, I can associate why they say so.. With its inside out architecture, it is one of its kind. The usage of the bulk space inside can’t get any better than then as intended. Their gift shop alone is a great spot you should visit even if you are not interested in any of the exhibitions. The same goes for their book shop too. A building who has hosted the most famous living and no longer living painters, literature bench marks, photographers, installation artists has one more reason why its among my favorite destinations in Paris, Georges air restaurant. They have couple of signature dishes that is mostly preferred by its visitors. Mine is the steak tartare. Raw meat served with egg yolk doesn’t taste better anywhere else in the world. Combining your tartare with  their sommelier recommendation of red wine, hits the right spots of every foodie. If you never had a steak tarter this is the best place to have it as your first!


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