Killing a habit or gaining a new one..

Killing a bad habit is very hard. If you are keen on it the key to continue your newly inherited habit is to focus on how it makes you feel. Never be lazy to cut back on your new routine. The best idea when you are working on your new habits is to be realistic and understanding the reasons behind it. Don’t aim to do so many at once. Many books and inspirational guides recommend taking one step at a time. Make a list of your bad habits and on the next column replace them with the new ones. To focus, prioritize and give yourself a month to 3 months to practice it. Plan your day make yourself a program. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself but add just that new habit in your agenda. Take down notes whenever you think about that habit, write it down how it makes you feel and what it adds to you. It can be from regular exercise, to quitting smoking or even not to swear. The other key element in inheriting a new habit is visualization. Visualize your self-doing it or not doing it, how it will make you feel, does it put a smile on your face or a nice body? See yourself in that situation. Once you feel comfortable with your top new habit start moving to the next one. Don’t go too keen on going in all of them in a fast phase, after all when you want to become the person you want become too soon you will start self-protesting your own success out of habit and start to feel scared that if you accomplish all your goals at once there won’t be anything left to accomplish anymore. If desire comes to an end life comes to an end. Our goals our biggest drivers in life and they change and grow gradually with our circumstances.

To be continued..

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