You didn’t have sushi, sashimi or  maki until you visited Yamamoto. A Japanese benchmark in Paris well-known for its tiny interior with a very tough manager. She can be scary at first when she comments on your selection of choice. Be prepared to get comments like this is too much for you, this is too expensive… She says this depending on what? I have no clue but at the end of your quick meal you agree with her consultancy on your experience.  I wish I asked for her name, but she is definitely a character to experience, in a nice way.. Please also try their salads, an amazing selection of fresh vegetables seasoned in Japanese style. The sushi’s I am not going to comment any further they are out of this world, the freshest salmon, the freshest tuna, shrimp, you name it they have it. The sushi chef is very pro and not much time is left until a great entrepreneur finds about him and fly’s him to NY or LA. So make sure to visit them in your next visit.

As they don’t have a website you can see their location from below link..


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