Shadow art in Dubai..

A unique art experience that never came to my mind that can actually be done in such an experimental way, is now displayed in the Pullman Hotel Deira down town-Dubai .

 A Jordanian couple who are truly meant to be, wanted to do something that has never been done are the creators of this collection. Using various materials such as metal, wood, and stone they first conduct their calligraphy or shape, then they give it an angle where these pieces  show an ironic shadows of the sculpted piece. The main piece would have a writing from the Quran and then the shadow would seem as a women praying, or a couple being apart has a shadow of them actually being together. Such a smart way to say the original meaning of each piece.  As an art fan with a certain budget, I was staring at these amazing works came to realization that they are actually affordable (not in the sense as cheap, but can actually be bought).  Prices vary from 600AED to 2000AED. If you are an art investor definitely worth to invest, after all art gets more valuable as it ages and the artists become more famous. Just like a good bottle of wine that did not become main stream yet!

The other moral ego boost of purchasing from their collection is, a certain percentage goes to Al Futtaim charity fund supporting various causes.

The exhibition will take place until mid –September, so you still have the time to visit them and be taken by their unique perspective. While you are there have a very good risotto in the Medley restaurant in the Pullman hotel downtown, totally worth the calories.

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