Top 5 tables for a little home deco twist..

A regular household has several tables when you come to think about it.

One for dinning obviously, one for to place your coffee by your couch, at least one by your bed, one mid table in the living room, one to display your precious collection of books, pictures etc, one for to place your keys and phones and the list goes on… However the mid living room tables are always statement makers, a house without them are like a belly’s without belly button.

As Regular house design of matching furniture is no longer the preference list of interior designers anymore, I started searching for alternatives.  Visiting several my favorite furniture stores Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, West Elm, The One Fusion, and Bloomingdale’s furniture section, I got some inspiration on tables to give your home a little twist…


A sweet little mid table for a rustic touch with real wood..Product_PAN10705_Image_1 A table to suitable for all  purposes, place a nice flower on it put a nice plate for your keys. You have many color and height options..Product_PAN10289_Image_1Give a little industrial chic touch with this silver metallic piece..Product_BRO10123_Image_1A romantic glow for your living room, quite a big option, so place a  nice tray on it and put photography books, candles or incentsProduct_PAN10099_Image_1For a metropolitan with minimalist approach,  a nice design edge on the legs finished with wood..

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