“You Drink Coffee, I drink Tea my Dear” p&t..

The concept of Tea is emerging in the market with good support from lifestyle trends.

 As both coffee and tea  have their own places in my life which I assume is the same for many, is now witnessing the battle fields of these two  ancient beverages. Yes its official, Tea has declared war on coffee. With the healthy eating trends, quitting smoking, and avoiding negativity in our lives a world now has a new social surrounding.

 Coffee is associated with many things for a regular human on daily basis;  waking up, concentrating, a good conversation, indulging taste and digestion… Many coffee store and chains emerged to support these associations. However we have started to see that these coffee shops are now giving space to tea’s in their shelves, why?  Because they are starting to adopt the emerging new trend that is replacing coffee with tea.

A new channel has opened for entrepreneurs whom have been left out from the monopoly of the coffee houses.  Tea houses are starting to pop on the main streets of major cities, soon  they will be in every corner. The interesting thing with the new tea entrepreneurs is that they are giving a little twist to this beverage which was introduced to the world during 15th century.  Living in an era of design one company who came to my attention has joined these 2 terms in such a way that we are not used to and it is amazing. Paper and Tea!



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