It is that wonderful time of the year..

Even though I am very tempted to write about great gift ideas I have in mind which will be suitable to everyone, instead am going to write about the psychology that we all get into at this time of the year …

Correct me if I am wrong but years and years of association specifically to new starts in every new year made us postpone our actions. A great time to start a diet, what better day than the 1st of January to quit smoking or drinking or any habit you want overcome since your existence in the world. Well many of us can’t think a day better! Sorry to break it to you but a greater day is today!

Why are we so tempted to wait for a circumstance that will trigger us to make the change we have been waiting for. Maybe that circumstances doesn’t even arrive for another year or two. What is the difference between 25th of December to 1st of January? Is it just another day we are blessed to see when we wake up or do some people secretly see a light or a vision and are not telling us about it?

The power of associations in our minds are our greatest challenge in life! If this happens I will do this, if that happens I will start hitting the gym and the list goes on.

95% of killing a habit is in our mind, the  habit itself consumes 5% of the effort to be changed. So think about it! Have you set your new targets for 2015? Are you going to wait till 1st of January 2015 to get into the mood, habits or action or whatever you have been keeping yourself behind from doing? We have another week to go!!


How would it actually feel if you entered the new year as the new you?

I know it is a bit corny but it is applicable to all of us…


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