It is a way of life expressed by appealing to different senses in a human being. Taste, Smell, Hear, Touch and the See..

Mini Lasagna..

Ingredients for the Lasagna (Serving 3-4 persons) 150gr of minced beef 12 lasagna strips Tomato paste Parmigiano cheese 12 small chillies (green and red) Medium size onion 10 cloves of garlic Salt Pepper Olive oil Pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees. Finely chop your onions and 3 pieces of garlic. In a cooking pan place 2 […]


Pink Brunch Smoothie..

Here is a healthy smoothie recipe for your Sunday morning brunch: 3 strawberries 1 pear 2 red plums Fresh mints Wash them well, peal out the strawberries green leafs, take the seeds out from pear and the red plums without removing their skins add them to food processor including your fresh mint leaves and blend […]


10 different ways to H2O..

Every one of us should consume at least 1.5 to 2 liters of H2O a day for healthy skin, hair, body, mind etc. After all 60% of our bodies are constituted of water. However I realized there are more people like me out there who don’t really like the taste of water. Instead consume their liquid […]


Kosher Falafel..

Falafel, some might call it street food I call it vegan heaven served on plate. What is Falafel? It’s a traditional Middle Eastern food, a deep-fried vegan meatball composed of chickpeas with fava beans. General understanding of serving falafel is in a wrap but not in Mi-va-Mi in Le Marais. Falafels are greatly steeled in […]